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Natural Stone

Natural Stone refers to a number of products quarried from the earth. Like all rocks on earth, Natural Stone was formed thousands of years ago. Pressure, expansion, erosion and heat have morphed the Earth’s crust into enormous rock beds that now serve as quarries. We mine natural stone from these quarries to extract products such as Granite, Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Basalt, Quartzite, Onyx and many others.

Granite is a natural product that offers great colour and grain variation. It is renown for being less porous than marble, resistant to staining and scratching and of course aesthetically appealing. Granite retains a relatively maintenance free surface indefinitely so it is especially suitable to kitchen bench tops and high traffic areas. Across the world, granite’s use in both domestic and commercial development is extremely popular due to the extensive colour range and different textures available.

Marble carries with it an heir of luxury and history, a natural product unparalleled in beauty and elegance. It’s unique and exclusive nature has caused it to become the stone of choice for many households, however one must be mindful of its deficiencies. Marble is a porous stone and much more likely to scratch because of its structure. Recommended for bathrooms and formal areas that are less-trafficked.

Dolomite, much like granite, is a perfect bench top material. Dolomite is strong and easy to maintain, resistant to staining and scratching and comes in a beautiful range of colours.

If you want to make a statement, onyx is one definite way to go. Striking and unique in appearance, Onyx brings something special to a room, especially when taking advantage of the translucent element. Ideally used as wall features, or island bars, Onyx performs very well, however, if used on a kitchen bench top, scratching or staining could be of concern.

A subtle beauty with a distinctive appearance, travertine is a versatile stone to be used in residential and commercial settings. Due to it’s heavily pitted nature, Travertine is naturally slip resistant, hard wearing and doesn’t absorb heat, so it is an excellent choice for pool decks, facades and home flooring.

Quartzite is similar to granite in its durability and strength. It is suitable for both internal and external applications but what appeals to most people is that it is available in lighter colours, including whites. Quartzite can uniquely offer colours and veining similar to that of marble with the benefit of stain and scratch resistance.

An extremely soft and porous material, limestone looks beautiful as it adds a sense of warmth with it’s lovely beige tones. Better suited to walls, floors and fireplaces as opposed to bench tops.

Bluestone is a versatile material to use in and around the home especially due it’s high stain and scratch resistance, it’s resistance to heat and slipping. Available mainly in deep blue/greys, it appeals to people looking to achieve an industrial look.